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Message from Paul

Rest in Peace Flora

Gene’s mother, Florence Lubowski, has passed away. I knew her as long as I’ve known Gene. Beyond her fierce love and pride in her only child, she was his inspiration to live up to being worthy of the sacrifices she made in a very difficult…

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Message from Paul

Happy Veterans Day

THANK YOU for your never ending bravery and sacrifices. America and the free world owe everything to you I support, honor and celebrate these great men and women.

Message from Paul


AMAZING how fast tickets are going for The End Of The Road. Blown away and humbled. These nights together will be UNFORGETTABLE for us all.

Message from Paul

America’s Got Talent!

An AWESOME night at America’s Got Talent with Erin, Colin, Sarah and Emily. Thanks to Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Melanie Brown and Heidi Klum for their warm hospitality . We all love this show.