Message from Paul

Michael James Jackson

My dearest and best friend for 40 years has died. His kindness and steadfast commitment to me and our friendship was a rock that supported me through the toughest times. He pushed me to start painting and reveled unselfishly in all my successes. Heartbroken


Madrid, Spain!

The party moves on, but the memories?…Will live FOREVER. Tonight was AWESOME! Muchas Gracias! Photo/Ross Halfin

Message from Paul

Rob Halford!

Backstage at the Barcelona show with my old friend and the True Metal God, Rob Halford. Priest were awesome as usual.

Message from Paul

54 Years Later!

At 15 I played in a band with guys a bit older. Recently I wondered “What ever happened to Billy Troiani the great bass player?” I found him on the internet & reached out. We met up again FIFTY FOUR YEARS LATER in Gothenburg. What…

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