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Paul Stanley Looks Back on Five Key KISS Albums

by Rod Yates / Rolling Stone

Legendary rockers Kiss kick off their Australian tour in Perth this Saturday. Vocalist Paul Stanley took some time out to re-evaluate five albums from the band’s back catalogue.

Dressed to Kill (1975)

“Dressed To Kill was an interesting album because at that point we were still trying to break nationally, and with each album that didn’t do it we quickly went into the studio to do another album. And Dressed To Kill was done under duress in terms of needing to get another album out, and we actually went into the studio without all the songs completed or written. Gene [Simmons, bass/vocals] and I would go in the morning sometimes and write songs and when Peter [Criss, drums] and Ace [Frehley, guitar] would come in we’d tell them today’s song is called “Two Timer”, and we would teach them the song. I think the songs are better than the sound. I have an issue with a lot of the early albums because they didn’t sonically represent what the band was. If you ever saw the band live early on we were bombastic, and those albums don’t sound it.”

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