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Message from Paul


You WON’T want to miss AMBER WILD opening for us on our tour. It’s The End Of The Road for us but it’s just the beginning for them! Prepare to be ROCKED.

Message from Paul

Jimmy Barnes!

When Jimmy Barnes’ wife Jane saw I was looking for things to do, Jimmy rang me up with a dinner invite! A fantastic evening. Always been a big fan and the man’s heart is as big as his voice.

Message from Paul

My Big Day Commercial Teaser

Fair warning to ALL! I’m opinionated, caffeinated and now definitely agitated! Find out why and get ready for my Big Game commercial with Workday to see the business world get rocked!

Message from Paul

My Pinot Noir

No Surprises Here! I’m giving everyone I know my AWESOME art boxed, 3 pack PINOT NOIR. It’s a fantastic, premium wine from my acre at the Yellow Rose Vineyard in Punta del Este, Uruguay. My good friend Corcho Rodriguez made this all a reality and…

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Message from Paul

Michael James Jackson

My dearest and best friend for 40 years has died. His kindness and steadfast commitment to me and our friendship was a rock that supported me through the toughest times. He pushed me to start painting and reveled unselfishly in all my successes. Heartbroken

Message from Paul

Rob Halford!

Backstage at the Barcelona show with my old friend and the True Metal God, Rob Halford. Priest were awesome as usual.