Message from Paul

Dubai Rocks!

Watching this magical monument continue to be constructed everyday is amazing. And not done yet!! Our hosts here at Atlantis Dubai are so accommodating and everyone is so helpful.

Emirates, too. Am I giving both a “shout out”?? YES! And well deserved.

Message from Paul

The Rose

Mask Off and Guitar ON! Playing my absolute favorite acoustic guitar, The Rose. This amazing guitar was made for me by Master Luthier and great guy, Jim Olson. Nothing like collaborating on something & seeing & hearing the magic created. Thanks again Jim!


KISS 2020 Goodbye!

KISS never does anything small, and #KISS2020Goodbye will be no different. We’re bringing the heat with a record breaking pyrotechnics show that you won’t want to miss. Not even hell could get this hot! 🔥 Get your tickets here:



We just shot FIVE SONGS IN SEVEN HOURS. Fifteen of us kicking ass without hot tub girls, sports cars, champagne, CGI or special effects. Just an AWESOME BAND playing AWESOME MUSIC from our AWESOME ALBUM. And yes, a COVID compliant day.